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90's & Sunny!


Summer has finally arrived up here in the North Maine Woods! We’ve been enjoying a couple weeks of high temperatures and high water. The water level is almost as high as the stoke level on the Penobscot. Our guides are fired up and dialed in on these high water, class V lines. We have our brand new fleet of pointed rafts rigged up and ready for action. They’re so shiny, you have to squint if you’re looking directly at them. Maine has been serving up some incredible weather, which pairs nicely with the high water meat piles of the West Branch. The Crib is still working, Exterminator is still exterminating, and the Fluffy Box of Kittens is still hungry so, come on up! Bring your sense of adventure, trusting nature, and a get-after-it attitude. Our guides can’t wait to meet you!

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