Guide Training



Guide training is upon us.There’s no better way to get into paddling shape than doing laps all day. Nothing like putting on that wet wetsuit from they day before and doing it all over again. The van has already developed that foul stench, that only training can brew. Our trainees are picking up on things quickly. We’re past the point of learning paddle strokes and how to strap down rafts. Now it’s their turn to get in the guide compartment and start shouting commands. So far we’ve had some good lines and some hairy lines. The river gives you instant feedback in the form of backsurfs and violent ejections. We’ve all made some sacrifices to the river gods at this point. Time to reflect and rest up for tomorrow.

The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

The most anticipated time of year is upon us. The guides have been having whitewater dreams for months. We’ve spent hours rewatching old trip videos. People catch us staring longingly at our screensavers of us surfing The Fluffy Box of Kittens. Skiing is fun, but there’s no substitute for the beefy whitewater, only the West Branch of the Penobscot can provide. Now it’s time to dust off the rafts and start all over! We’re gearing up for another amazing season. The ice is mostly gone at this point and The Golden Road has been graded. We’ve been enjoying roughly three weeks of high water releases. Ten foot tall waves and whitewater grenades exploding all around you. It’s the perfect way to get the season started. There’s no better way for a guide to get in shape, after a long winter than guide training. It’s right around the corner and we can’t wait to get our prospective trainees on the water. It will be an intense couple weeks, but there’s nothing we’d rather be doing. Unlimited amounts of excitement await for those who come rafting with us. Your stoke dealers are waiting for you. Give us a call!